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Radio Silence

Isn’t it funny how, when someone dies, the loved ones are overwhelmed by sympathy cards, flowers, messages of support.

Then after the funeral - Radio Silence.

The time when contact is needed most. When days are no longer filled with funeral preparations, an emptiness creeps in adding to the grief.

If you know someone who has lost a loved one, make sure you keep in touch…

Send Thinking of You cards, text messages, funny memes, flowers, or even cake!

Share happy thoughts, memories, and funny stories of their loved one. Arrange a coffee, a walk in the park, if they are up to it. If not, just a phone call or email to say ‘I’m thinking of you’

Because, as the days go by, and life goes back to a normal they never wanted, there’s a massive hole, where someone once gave them love. A feeling of loss that seems to come from nowhere, a sadness that is made harder when those who cared when the news first hit, are nowhere to be seen.

It’s easy to go back to our lives, with our own sadness of the loss, but for those who were the closest to them - this is the hardest time, this is the time that they need you the most.

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