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Faded Sandpaper
Raychel McGuin
Artist and Polychrometrist*

Don’t we all have those times in life when we feel the world is directing us somewhere else? When the stress of ‘being in the wrong job’ makes Sunday nights feel very black - even the latest Celebrity game show or Period Drama could not take my mind off the fact I was returning to boringsville doing the same thing all over again

Every. Monday. Morning.


I knew in my head that I was suffering, but I felt it more in my heart - it was physical.


Funny how sometimes, when you believe, there is an intervention.

Mine was the chance to set up as a creative freelancer, helping small innovative businesses with event management and marketing, but it still was not quite hitting the spot, I wasn't helping enough people.

Then the pandemic hit - I lost ALL of my contracts which were in event management, mainly working with schools and colleges, so overnight I had no work, nothing!


Again, my heart hurt - I grieved for my loss

The Great Pause of 2020 was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my offer in both art and courses/events. I am now creating Art you can take with you, with handpainted totebags, clothing and shoes, or more traditionally, Art for the walls on canvas, wood, mdf or even aluminium.


In this time of Creative Renaissance, the fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing us technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is allowing us to step away from a lot of the ‘doing’ and consider just ‘being’. 


So I have spent the last 8 months expanding my colour knowledge and I have created Being: in full colour a series of courses based on a unique roadmap, to build a very simple, but effective, Transformation Trail, for personal development, business growth or even project planning


You really are constricted if you’re not able to express your emotions and feelings. And the genius that has shown itself, whilst I’ve been expanding my intrinsic knowledge of colour, has been as healing and far more effective than any pills the doctor could prescribe.

The Great Pause - Covid 19 and lockdown has highlighted that things can, and really do need to change, the empaths amongst us will feel it naturally - and painfully, join me to find out exactly how you can change your future.



* by the way a Polychrometrist is a multi-colour energy alchemist, but I thought maybe that’s a bit too much of a mouthful!

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