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Faded Sandpaper
Raychel McGuin
Artist, Author and Polychrometrist

Raychel was born in Barnsley in 1969 - from her earliest days, she was captivated by the world of colour, with colouring books and pencils never far from her grasp. Growing up in the midst of South Yorkshire's natural beauty, she developed a profound connection with the vibrant hues of the environment, nurturing a deep appreciation for the visual poetry that surrounded her.

Raychel's journey into the realm of colour began as a childhood fascination with crayons and watercolours, eventually evolving into a passion for artistic expression. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, she pursued formal education in Art and Design at the Barnsley Art College, and Graphic Design at Huddersfield Polytechnic, where the Yorkshire town’s energy and diverse culture became her canvas.

Over the years, Raychel's artistic prowess blossomed, leading her to become a renowned Artist, Illustrator and Author. Yet, her story took an extraordinary turn when she discovered her unique gift as the world's only Polychrometrist - a Colour Energy Alchemist (or Colour Witch as her husband calls her). Drawing on her intuitive understanding of colour, she embarked on a journey of exploration, delving into the transformative power that colours hold within the human experience.

In 2020, with over two decades of research, study and honing her craft, Raychel unveiled Being: in Full Colour Transformation Toolkit. This ground-breaking creation blends her artistic talents with her profound knowledge of colour energy, offering an holistic approach to personal development, business growth, and project planning.

Raychel continues to inspire individuals around the globe, bringing a kaleidoscope of creativity to the world of personal and professional wellbeing.

The Art of Wellbeing Creative Workshops

For 2024 Raychel has launched monthly in-person Full Moon Workshops, transformative experiences where participants immerse themselves in the enchanting energies of the lunar cycle. Guided by Raychel's wisdom, they tap into the essence of the moon phases, embracing creativity and self-discovery. Through meditative exercises and hands-on painting sessions, they express their inner vision on canvas, crafting a tangible symbol of their journey. These workshops illuminate the power of colour in shaping narratives and empower participants to honour their inner truths under the gentle gaze of the moon.

Watch this space for other workshops coming soon.

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