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I need a person!

ISO, WLTM, a person - that sounds weird, but I’ve been challenged by my soul to find someone.

I am a follower of Lee Harris Energy and one of the most interesting parts of his ‘teachings’ are conversations with the Zs, channelling of otherworldly beings, spirit guides, an internal voice, whatever you wish to call it. Those who know me know I’m not 100% spiritual and find a lot of the mind, body, spirit scene a bit Woowoo… but as a huge advocate for the energetic sciences, I tend to be a bit on the fence about it all.

Recently I’ve been listening to loads of podcasts, I’m about to sign up to Audible so that I can listen to a long list of must-read books whilst walking my dog, Amber, as I just don’t have the time to read - or the ability to get more than four pages in without falling asleep!

Metaphysical, conversations fascinate me, I know ethereal beings are around me whether I see them or not. I have soooo many stories of knowing intrinsically, experiencing the supernatural, feeling otherworldly, (I liken my tinnitus to an ISDN line to the mother ship) that I should be able to accept this as real, yet some part of me poopoos it as nonsense. I’m super receptive to Reiki and other healing, I even practice on myself and on my hubby and my pets with great results - although the cat aint keen!

I was given the information about my colour project in a dream over 20 years ago, I believe from my Dad - yet I keep shelving it, it’s just not ready… or is it me that’s not ready?

So, I embarked on Rebirth with Lee Harris last month and it was profound - I took his Transmissions course in the summer of 2020 which really helped me get through the madness of the early pandemic. I doodle when I listen to Lee, and I love to look back at what my subconscious creates. But one of the things I took from both courses was to ask - “what does my soul want to tell me today?” And let the thoughts just appear (kinda what I’m doing now in this blog post) - about a week ago my soul told me I need a person! Not a ‘soulmate’ I have one of those - but a soul buddy? Someone who sees me, someone who gets me, someone who will not let me procrastinate any longer.

I’ve authored a book for young readers, it’s effing brilliant, I need to illustrate it and get it out there. I have had a course planned for over a year now, how to use the powerful energy of colour to navigate our emotions, again - in my eyes, a stroke of genius. Plus a myriad of associated products and services I am compelled to offer.

But there’s the fear, the fear of not being good enough, imposter syndrome? So I keep myself small. The fear of it being brilliant and being overwhelmed, the fear of it not being ready and putting something half-arsed out there.

So, in answer to my question, my soul says I need an accountability buddy. I need someone to take me to the Yellow bridge* and give me the confidence to step over the threshold and into the new.

Could this be you?

I don’t have a job description, there’s no salary (not in £$ anyway), but I feel there is someone who could be my 'person', and maybe, just maybe, I could be yours…

email me at if you'd like to chat xx


* the Yellow bridge is the point of no return in my book and course

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