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The Genderfluid Druid

Yesterday I accidentally came across the Sacred Earth Activism - Stonehenge Full Moon Ceremony on Zoom, a Facebook friend of mine had clicked interested and I thought, hey why not?

With no idea what to expect, and a stone and candle as requested I joined the meeting. Now those who know me, know I’m not one for woowoo! My Being: in full colour project is for those who are interested in wellbeing, energy and colour, but I make a point of keeping away from anything that may be too spiritual, religious or mystical as I believe this can frighten away those who feel they don’t fit into the scene or don’t really understand.

Now with that I am not saying I’m a non-believer or atheist. I know what I understand, what makes me comfortable and what my intuition tells me. I have some Humanist tendencies, but I have an affinity with Paganism, Native American, Taoism, Buddhism and other gentle religions, I am fascinated by the teachings of the Bible, but see it more as a book of principals to live a good life.

I feel I have never really fit into any of the boxes that exist and maybe those I do fit into, I need to have the lid off so I can see, experience, and understand the other boxes. I hate constraints and would probably fight against any that were put in place, purely for the sake of it and not necessarily due to any disagreement.

My ‘source’ - I think - is Mother Earth, I try to do everything from a place of love and compassion, and for the wellbeing of others and the planet. Having said that I am not vegetarian or vegan, although I am conscious and try to make better choices so that one day, I may make that change, but I don’t berate others for their choices, I can control only me, and I will do my best. Don’t judge me.

So when I got Covid 19 in March 2020, I started to spend more time on my colour project. It has been 20 years in my head and is something I use instinctively. I spent the rest of 2020 researching, taking courses, joining Zoom calls and workshops, absorbing information, meditating, mantras, manifestos, pledges, and more.

What keeps coming up is the paradigm shift in energies, in myself and in others, that we can’t quite put our fingers on. My research and my gut feeling is that we are starting on the path to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the human-centered revolution, the creative renaissance. This is where Being: in full colour was developed, a time to let technology, the AI, the machines do the doing and allow us, as humans to start ‘being’. Anything that can save time and effort, cannot be a bad thing, let it do it for you - to free you up for being, meditating, loving, creating, whatever makes your heart sing.

I digress, back to the Full Moon Ceremony.

I listened to the instructions, I lit my candle, put my feet flat on the floor, I held my stone, closed my eyes, followed the guidance, and walked into the stone circle of Stonehenge in my mind. I often struggle to let go of the now, but I went deep. We were told there was an entity - my first encounter was a Pleiadean - a race of alien beings that have been with me in meditation for some time. I’m comfortable with them and find them calming. They gestured to another being beside them, that looked like a wizard in a long silvery white cloak with a hood and a staff. The hands were older but elegant with long iridescent nails. A beautiful white beard flowed down the front of the gown which shimmered like snow as the being moved.

They removed their hood and looked at me with gentle, yet piercing blue eyes, and introduced themselves as Shai. They oscillated between male and female in such a way that at no point could I say what gender they were. I nicknamed them a genderfluid druid, they chuckled softly.

I was comfortable in their presence and we just sat and breathed in the air, grateful for the experience.

We didn’t speak, yet I got a message that could maybe seen to be a little contentious. I have felt from the beginning that the pandemic is a cleansing opportunity and a way for us to find our tribes. But I got an overwhelming feeling that what we are experiencing is all part of the process - particularly the social distancing, to allow us to live in our auras more. Keeping us 2m apart gives us a chance to exercise our energy and get used to pushing it out, comfortably. Living so close together has forced us to draw our auras in and shrink from other people, which is why community and compassion are so lacking.

I also got the feeling that this is why people are being so argumentative, particularly online. On a day-to-day basis, in the old world, we would unknowingly bang and crash auras regularly, our subconscious would deal with the petty arguments, squabbles and squaring up to each other and we would, very often, not even be aware of it. Now we are becoming so tangibly aware of that need to engage and maybe even clash for our wellbeing, that people are becoming verbally antagonistic and argumentative to get some relief.

I am so glad that I discovered this session, it’s all part of me raising my confidence in my intrinsic knowledge, experience and intuition, and not asking for permission to have thoughts or feelings. I am a sufferer of imposter syndrome and this is what I need to help me to shrug off those ego driven negative energies and move forward.

I’m getting there.

I have since looked up the name of my genderfluid druid and Shai means ‘gift’ in Aramaic. Love it.

I am grateful.

Image by Regina Wolfs from Pixabay

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